Gastec CNG Franchise Sub Dealers Network​

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Gastec CNG Franchise Sub Dealers Network​
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Franchise Benefits 

– Comprehensive Support for Establishing Your Conversion Center:

– Guidance from the ground up, covering Design, Engineering, and Commissioning.

– Ongoing After-Sales Support Services.

– Technical Assistance and Troubleshooting.

– Capacity Enhancement and Training (up to 10 staff).

– Provision of Conversion Kits for a range of vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Tricycles – 500 and above).

Integration with Gastec ERP Portal:

– Access to the Gastec ERP Portal for streamlined operations.

Regulatory Compliance Facilitation:

– Assistance to Ensure Compliance with Federal Government Requirements.

– Utilization of OEM Technology for In-country Equipment Inventory Scaling.

Diverse Service Offerings:

– Access to a Variety of Services and Training.

– After-Sales Support for Retrofitting Services and CNG Fitness Services.

– Complete Conversion and Retrofitting Kit:

– One-Time Delivery of a Comprehensive Kit for Conversion and Retrofitting.

– Inclusive of Tools and Equipment.

– Specialized Training:

– Regular Training Sessions on Cylinder Hydrotesting.

*Benefits in details:

Gastec Franchise package offers an exclusive suite of benefits tailored to support your journey in establishing a successful conversion center. With a payment range spanning from a minimum of 50 million to a maximum of 100 million, this package provides holistic assistance in building your center from the ground up. You’ll receive expert guidance in design, engineering, and commissioning, along with ongoing technical support and capacity-building opportunities through training sessions. Moreover, our comprehensive conversion kits cater to a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and tricycles with 500 units and above.

As a Gastec Franchise member, you’ll also gain access to the Gastec ERP portal, facilitating efficient management of your operations. Our team will be there to ensure that your center remains compliant with government regulations, and you’ll benefit from utilizing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) technology to expand your equipment inventory within the country.

Gastec Franchise package isn’t just about equipment – it’s about empowerment. You’ll have the advantage of accessing a diverse range of services and training options, ensuring that your staff remains skilled and knowledgeable. Our commitment to your success is evident in the provision of a complete conversion and retrofitting kit, which includes all the necessary tools and equipment. Additionally, we’ll provide specialized training in cylinder hydrotesting to enhance your team’s expertise.

Also, you’re not just receiving products and services – you’re joining a community focused on excellence and innovation in the conversion industry.

NOTE: Franchise operators will be selected based upon their financial funding ability, marketing and operations strategy, strategic location of proposed conversion center, existing auto center asset ownership in form of lease or rent or outright original land ownership